New England Mosaic Society Member Directory


Deb Aldo, Sterling, CT
For the last 20 years, Deb Aldo has used her degrees in fine art and landscape architecture to create contemporary mosaic designs for large scale public art projects worldwide as well as architectural installations in residences, hotels, and universities. She is a well known teacher, has won numerous awards and has studied with some of the most accomplished mosaic artists throughout the world.                 860-617-1795


Rhonda Heisler, Bloomfield, CT
For the past 20 years, Rhonda has been creating custom mosaic fine art in handcut opaque stained glass, ceramic tile, and organic materials. Her mosaics are animated by an exploration of color, line, rhythm, pattern, scale, texture, and the extraordinary properties of light. Styles include representational, Fauve-inspired, and abstract. Her clients include collectors, architects, designers, and art consultants for residential, hospitality, and healthcare settings. Rhonda is a past officer and board member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists    860-969-6907

Amy Hopkins, Guilford, CT
I’m a beginner. I just finished Bonnie Fitzgerald’s beginning mosaics class and loved it. I plan on doing more and would like to get to know some mosaic people. I’m hoping there are some more classes either online or closer to where I live in shoreline CT. I want to learn as many techniques as I can!

Beth Klingher, New Haven, CT

After spending ten years teaching math in New Haven public schools, Beth Klingher continues to work as a teaching artist in schools throughout New England where she is known for exploring the connections between math and art.  Her large-scale mosaic projects as well as painted murals can be seen throughout New Haven in both schools, museums and in the community.   In her personal artwork, Beth combines a variety of materials to create abstract geometric designs, stunning landscapes and playful patterns of color. Beth teaches mosaics to both children and adults. 203-675-1393

Patricia McChristian,West Hartford, CT

I discovered mosaics in 2019 while hunting for a creative outlet.  I have been learning about and enjoying the form ever since.  I enjoy using old windows as substrates, and bringing broken tables back to life for family and friends.  I especially like collaborative work and have participated in three of Cynthia Fisher’s community mosaic projects in Guatemala.. 

Cathleen Newsham, Danbury, CT
For 20 years, Cathleen has been designing, fabricating and installing architectural mosaics.  With degrees in graphic design and fine art, she continues her creative studies with accomplished mosaic and fine artists, learning new techniques and materials, and meeting other creatives from around the world.  Between architectural and graphic design projects, you will find Cathleen traveling throughout the U.S. teaching the art and business of mosaic.    917-796-6086

Christine Webster, Meriden, CT
I am a retired middle and high school art teacher turned State of CT teaching artist. I have been teaching stained class mosaics for 20 years.  I am currently president of a non-profit art gallery in Meriden, Connecticut called Gallery 53. Over time my students and I have created large mosaics for permanent installation both inside and out.  Last summer I held a city funded community art camp for three weeks where my students created multiple mosaics that will soon be installed on the exterior of the gallery.




Lisa Houck, Cape Elizabeth, ME

When I was asked to create a mosaic for the Dana Farber Institute in Boston in 2003 it was the beginning of my involvement with this wonderful, colorful, shimmering medium of mosaic. I have been working with this versatile medium ever since. My heavily patterned paintings in watercolor and oil led very naturally into this new way of working with small reflective tesserae. With these irregularly shaped pieces, I create vibrant, imaginative images filled with color and pattern. I make some of the ceramic pieces that are in these mosaics.  I have exhibited extensively throughout New England, and my work is represented by Beth Urdang Gallery in Wellesley, MA and Turtle Gallery in Deer Isle, ME. While living and working as an artist in Massachusetts, I completed several large scale public art projects, including A Friendly Flock Touches Down, which can be viewed in the Frieda Garcia Park in Boston’s South End. 617-338-4748

Candace Jackman, Fayette, ME
Candace and her husband, Fred, worked full-time for more than 30 years creating stained projects for residential, commercial and ecclesiastical installations. In 2010, Candace turned to creating mosaics, taking classes with Marian Shapiro, Kelley Knickerbocker and Carrie Bracker and plans to continue her studies with other mosaic artists. She enjoys working with smalti, stained glass, stone and other materials to create one-of-a-kind mosaic art.



Nancy E. Maloney, Acton, ME
After retiring from the corporate world, Nancy enjoys continuing digging deeper into the world of mosaics, by continuing her education and practice. After exploring a wide variety of mosaic materials in her work, she returned to her childhood love of stone. Now, her abstract mosaics are primarily natural stone, complemented by smalti and other glass. The natural beauty of stone, coupled with the unique elements of its own journey, help create a story. Each mosaic Nancy creates begins with a feeling and ends with a story. She hopes you enjoy the story it reveals to you.
Nancy’s mosaic studio is on the grounds of Camp Bella Soul, a special place where nature inspires individuality, creativity, and personal growth. All proceeds from the sales of Nancy’s mosaics help nonprofits access Camp Bella Soul.

Kimberly MacDonald, Portland, ME 

Working from my home studio in Portland, Maine, I specialize in fine art mosaics using traditional techniques with a modern approach.  I am committed to creating unique mosaic pieces that capture the beauty and essence of the subjects I depict. Every piece is meticulously crafted, with each tessera hand cut and placed to create a harmonious composition. My work is influenced by both classical mosaic designs and contemporary themes, resulting in a blend of tradition and innovation. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of mosaic art, exploring new techniques and materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces that captivate and inspire. 

email:    website:


Mimi Aarens, Lexington, MA

Susan Adler, Chatham, MA

Ellen Warren Aiken
Princeton, NJ and Brewster, MA
Lucky for me, I get to divide my time between Princeton, NJ and Brewster, MA. After a career as a medical editor, I discovered my love for mosaics at The Chicago Mosaic School. Mosaics provide me with a vehicle to express my thoughts and feelings and explore them in novel ways. My work is primarily done in the abstract. I work intuitively rather than from a preconceived design.  I am particularly drawn to natural materials, and they provide my initial inspiration. The interplay between the natural and man-made intrigues me, and I often like to incorporate discarded objects giving them new life.

Susan Altman, Medford, MA
Susan has made mosaics for more than a decade. She is attracted to the permanence and solidity of mosaics, and their variable, light-refracting surfaces. She loves colors and building things, and likes her art to serve a function. She repurposes discarded and used materials whenever possible: wood from construction projects, pots and pans, broken pottery, overstocked/returned ceramic floor and wall tiles, keys and hardware, plastic bottlecaps, old furniture, rocks and shells, even old shower doors.

Claire Ammon , Lincoln, MA

Claire’s introduction to mosaics began in 2019 when she took a taster class and fell in love with it. Since then, she has been experimenting with stained glass, taking a free style approach to create meaningful pieces. She is excited to learn new techniques and incorporate other materials into her work.  Facebook:     


Sharon Bachner, Swampscott, Ma, Hobbyist

Su Bailey, Amesbury, MA

For 5 years I have been making mosaic jewelry, panels, mirrors and assisted in creating a mosaic mural. As former head of the Amesbury Cultural Council I’m trying to make a mark on the mosaic world in my area. I have taken several workshops domestically and abroad with artists such as Yulia Hanansen, Carol Shelkin & Isaiah Zagar. I love traveling to learn new methods and have been inspired in a variety of ways by these travels and amazing teachers.     (978) 930-3554

Lee Berman, Bellingham, MA

Glynda Benham, Sterling, MA
Glynda has been creating mosaic art for six years. She has studied with Martin Cheek, Carol Shelkin, Kelly Knickerbocker, Susan Wechsler, and Isaiah Zagar. She exhibited in Mosaics at the Mill (2012 and 2015), Arsenal Center for the Arts, and the Fitchburg Art Museum’s 80th Regional Exhibition of Arts and Crafts.

Emily Bhargava, Somerville, MA
Emily is the Director of Connection Lab LLC in Somerville, MA, is an artist and community organizer who has been leading community art projects for more than 20 years.  As a muralist, a stained glass artist, a mosaic artist and a facilitator, Emily often works on the border between art and public health, using art to share health information, to increase community collaboration and community capacity, and to increase engagement in building healthy communities. and

Mary Bowles  Gloucester, MA
After twenty years in Technology Mary took a six month leave of absence but never looked back.  She had taken a mosaic class in 2003 and fell in love with the art of mosaic.  Mary co-owns Shell Designs and creates a variety of glass mosaic and seashell art and crafts sometimes combining the two.  She loves to incorporate gemstones and minerals in her work.  34 Starknaught Heights, Gloucester MA  978-439-9337


Terry Bromfield  Newtonville, MA
I have been making mosaic art for the last seven years. I like to work organically, starting with an inspiration and then letting a wide variety of materials take me there. Most of my work has been gifts for family and friends. I especially like making functional art, working with mirrors and clocks as the base for my creations.  617-775-0358

Angel Cacciola, Cambridge, MA

Sue Chou, Lexington, MA

Barbara Cherington, Arlington, MA Barbara, an artist for 20 years, fell in love with mosaics four years ago on a trip to Europe. When she returned home, she searched for someplace to learn how to make mosaics, and found the Mosaic Oasis only blocks away! She is hooked! Smalti and stained glass are her favorite kinds of mosaic tile. She’s working on a series of running and dancing figures, both transparent (using trasparenti or stained glass on plexiglass) and opaque (using smalti on plywood). In addition, she’s added mosaiced shrines to her ongoing project of making small shrines to celebrate the beauty of life.

Cheryl Cohen, Holliston, MA
Cheryl teaches mosaic art to adults and children in her Holliston studio.  She uses glass, tile, mirror, stone, shells and beads as well as shards of pottery and china to create her mixed media wall art, 3D mosaics, and mosaic jewelry. Cheryl has taken classes with world renowned mosaic artists including Sonia King and Lynn Chinn.
Cheryl Cohen Mosaics Studio, 360 Woodland Street Holliston, MA 01746   508-612-4183 or

Karen Chrisman, Belchertown, MA
Though she always went out of her way to see mosaics, Karen discovered how amazing it is to create them only ten years ago. Mosaic is now a new way to express how to build a life, piece by piece, after years as a graphic designer, building a house, making extensive gardens, and traveling. She has had wonderful teachers, exhibited here and there including in SAMA’s MAI four times, and describes her process as irreverent contemplation. She loves the materials, the process, bringing ideas to light, and solving the puzzles that come with creating. or

Jean Marie Cummiskey, Hopkinton, MA
From an early age I was interested in art and politics.  As an undergraduate double major in studio art and political science, I expressed this dual interest through editorial cartoons and woodcuts.  Later, as a health planner and an advertising manager, I used photography and pen & ink to capture people, places, and the natural environment.  My art has evolved from my personal and professional experiences and with added skills in digital photography and mosaic methods.  My subject matter continues to reflect cities and nature.  I often use photography to editorialize my subjects and mixed media mosaics to celebrate them.

Linda Cundiff, Arlington, MA

I’ve been happily creating mosiacs since my first class at Mosaic Oasis in 2010 or so, but in the last few years I’ve upped my game after retiring. I’m using all types of tesserae both purchased, gifted, fabricated and foraged! I’m a devotee of Mosaic Arts Online, and I’ve loved and learned so much from the NEMs activities- they’ve really kept me creating and connected through the pandemic. 

Crystal D’Abbraccio, Concord, MA

Owner of Tiny Tile Mosaics. Lives and works out of Concord, MA. Website:

Linda Dinius, Ashland, MA

Linda Davidson, Winchester, MA

I was introduced to mosaic art by Suzanne Owayda in 2021 when we moved to New England from Colorado. My interest in Southwest art and colors originated there. At Mosaic Oasis in Arlington, MA  I am learning design, tile selection and use of color and perspective. Working more with smalti, fibonacci design and NEMS educational offerings are my current goals. Other art forms dear to me are weaving on my Navajo loom and making music with my oboe and mandolin.

Cassie Doyon, Bradford, MA
Cassie works in mixed media with a focus on mosaics. She has had a lifelong interest in primitive/tribal arts around the world as well as the beauty of the natural world, which is reflected in her art. She is particularly focused on surface design, color, and pushing the boundaries of sculpture with unconventional and repurposed materials.

Ruth Faris, Somerville, MA

Michael J. Ferreira, Cape Cod, MA

Michael J. Ferreira is a fine art mosaic artist living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Michael has always had an interest in art due in part to being surrounded by a large art community on Cape Cod and with members of his family being active in the arts. However, it took some time to find which medium he preferred and felt most comfortable working with. Michael began working in mosaics in 2009.  Michael served as President of NEMS from 2018 – 2020. For information on custom installations and commissions, visit his website.  Facebook: Michael J. Ferreira Mosaic Artist  Instagram: mjfmosaics

Cynthia Fisher, Charlemont, MA
Cynthia Fisher has been a professional artist for over 25 years, an illustrator of thirty-five children’s books, and since 2000 a mosaicist. Her works range from residential installations to large-scale public art murals in hospitals, colleges, public offices and town commons across the US. She has undertaken numerous school residencies and community projects, including one in Santiago, Chile, and three in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Carrie Fradkin, Falmouth, MA
Carrie Fradkin’s obsession with making and teaching mosaics began 13 years ago. Fradkin is also a pastel and encaustic painter with degrees in fine art and education and has been a graphic designer and teacher for more than 30 years. She has studied with master mosaicists in England and the US. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is in private collections.  Her work reflects her love and study of color and her background in graphics, fiber art and painting.     802-522-3574 


Instagram: @carriefradkin

Laurie Frazer, Northampton, MA
Colors, textures, materials, building things and keeping my hands dirty makes me happy. After college for art & design I have a professional career as an interior designer and working with architects. I have always loved stained glass and have been doing mosaics for many years at my workshop in Northampton and my traveling studio on the coast of Maine.

Beth Goulet  Seekonk, MA

Beth has been interested in art from a young age. Over the past 5 years her attention has shifted from painting to mosaic art. Her mosaics are usually inspired by nature. She is interested in understanding mosaics as a timeless art form and is constantly working and learning how to improve her own skills as an artist.

Roberta Tobey Gertz,  Melrose, MA

Even though I’ve been making mosaics sporadically for almost 30 years, it’s only in the last 8-10 that I’ve given more time and attention to my work. When the pandemic struck, I left my retail job as a color consultant and set up a small studio in my home…game changer! I love scouring the thrift shops and yard sales for dish ware that I can bust up, and I also love the eye candy of pre-made glass and ceramic tile. My subjects are usually flora and fauna.        781-662-5856         Instagram@ homewithahue

Steve Haggett, Winchester, MA
Steve is a weekend mosaic artist and weekday Boston business exec.  He was introduced to mosaics through business travel across the Byzantine world in Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Russia.  He comes to mosaic with a background in watercolor; the transition from a medium of layers of washes and glazes to sharp lines of brilliant color is a new challenge.  His work is representational, primarily portraits.

Lauren Healy, Wilmington, MA

Linda Jarousky, Attleboro, MA

Cecilia Kremer, Newton, MA

I have always enriched my life as an epidemiologist with the practice of a wide spectrum of artistic media. When encountering mosaics, however, a leisure pursuit evolved into a full time career…should I say obsession?! For about 15 years, while studying with some of the most renowned mosaic artists from around the world, I have dedicated my life to make mosaics, teach mosaics, facilitate mosaic community projects, breathe mosaics…

Everything about mosaics fascinates me: their color, form, space, texture, lines, and curves. Every little tile holds on to its own individuality but also maintains a special interconnectedness and even interdependence to the pieces surrounding it. Sometimes, it feels as if one tile converses with another…Sometimes they need some space but, when I smooth the edges of one or both, they feel just right, and their differences, as in life, enrich the final product.      115634199690/

Carol Krentzman, Natick, MA

For over 20 years, Carol has been studying and creating stained glass and mosaics for public and private clients. She also works with groups to create a bonding experience and strong sense of community during the process of producing large scale public mosaics. Carol teaches mosaics in her home studio and in local schools, and has been the recipient of many Mass Cultural Council grants through her local Natick Cultural Council. Her public art stained glass and mosaics can be seen in Natick, Newton, Framingham, Chelsea, and Watertown in MA, and in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, and Palm Beach, FL.  508-341-4180

Pat Krusko, Easthampton, MA

I took my first mosaic class around 2006 at the Fuller Craft museum. It was probably my first “art” course since elementary school. Always more of a left-brain type. Perhaps it was the idea of putting pieces together (certainly a notion attractive to a left-brain type) that struck such a chord in me – that and not having to draw!  I continued with classes, taking several with Cynthia Fisher, also Martin Cheek, Yulia Hanansen, Laurel Sky, Suzan Germond, Susan Crocenzi, and my personal idol, Sonia King!!!!! All amazing artists and all wonderful about sharing their knowledge and love of mosaics. Now working half-time/semi-retired, I plan to work regularly in my studio. I’m full of ideas and looking forward to creating hundreds of mosaics!  I remind myself that Grandma Moses started painting at 78 so I have plenty of time!

Lori Manfra​, Malden MA
I consider myself an instructor, a hobbyist and a professional.

Isabel Margolin, Amherst, MA
I work full-time at a real job in order to support my mosaic habit.  I began creating mosaics five years ago and had the good fortune to have my work accepted to several juried exhibits:  the National Mosaic Show, Cape Cod, 2011; SAMA, Philadelphia, 2015; SAMA, San Diego, 2016; and SAMA 2019 Nashville. I am looking forward to contributing to NEMS and meeting members.

Amy Marks, Waltham, MA
For the last 7 years, Amy has created functional and decorative mixed media mosaics using a rich color palette and a variety of materials—polymer clay, glass, pottery, millefiori, beads, shells, and rocks. She has exhibited in Mosaics at the Mill I & II, and shows at the Sharon Arts Center, Danforth Museum of Art, and the Somerville Museum. She teaches at Mosaic Oasis Studio & Supply.  781-899-8041

Elizabeth Martinez, Winchester, MA

Elizabeth is a retired publishing and graphic arts professional who embraced fine art mosaics as her second act in 2018. Color, texture, and movement have always appealed to Elizabeth. Her natural inclination is non-representational abstract work, finding inspiration in combining found and recycled materials with glass, ceramics, metal, and stone. She was named NEMS’ Emerging Artist in 2019 and 2020!  Follow her mosaic journey on instagram: emosaicstudio         website:

Heidi Mazzeo, Clinton, MA

Corinne McKeown, Newburyport, MA
“Perhaps the most important transformational aspect of mosaics I can point to is that becoming a mosaic artist has transformed me into the best possible version of myself.  It is how I have felt most alive, most accomplished, most spiritually balanced”.  Corinne moved from the Berkshires to the Newburyport in 10/2015 and has an in-home studio.  She is a Real Estate Broker, an animal advocate and a published poet.        413-539-4115

Lauren Mehrberg, Needham, MA

Sally Dean Mello, Marshfield, MA

I am the Education Coordinator at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA. We are currently creating a 26 foot outdoor mosaic to be part of the Plymouth 400 Celebration. It is about 1/3 of the way complete. It is constructed of ceramic, stone, vitreous tile and smalti and is being created by volunteers and workshop participants.  Instagram:  @sallydeanart  Facebook:  sallydeandesigns

Dara Menashi, Brookline, MA

I am new to mosaics and am enjoying learning!

Ronni Olitsky, Concord, MA

Laurie Ososky, Roslindale, MA

Suzanne Owayda, Arlington, MA

Suzanne owns Mosaic Oasis Studio & Supply, the only mosaic storefront dedicated to teaching mosaic classes and selling mosaic tools and materials in the New England area.  She has been making mosaics for the past twelve years and teaching mosaics for the last eight. Suzanne is always looking for new and exciting mosaic artists to host at Mosaic Oasis so she and the Mosaic Oasis students can broaden their mosaic horizon!  Mosaic Oasis Studio & Supply, LLC, 1189B Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476 


Betsy Rodman, Arlington, MA

Betsy is the former co-owner/founder of Mosaic Oasis Studio & Supply for 8 years. She has increasingly been exhibiting work at local galleries and teaching small craft workshops primarily in private homes and local venues. Most of her work is representational abstract with an emphasis on repurposing broken china and found objects into colorful works. She has exhibited in multiple shows, done commission work for churches, synagogues, private homes and small businesses. She continues to take workshops with many world wide mosaic instructors and loves combining bits and pieces of their various techniques and styles into a single work. She also has special love of making unusual mosaic pendants and other jewelry.

Bright Moments Mosaics – 508-878-5143

Alice Skolnik, Sharon, MA

Jane Snedeker, Arlington, MA

Kim Stewart, Charlestown, MA

Pamela Stratton, Rockport,MA
She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, The Cape Ann Artisans and the Rocky Neck Art colony. Her work has been shown at exhibits in the Somerville Museum,  the Chicago Mosaic School and as part of the International Society of Mosaic Artists Exhibit at the Museum of Man in San Diego, CA.  Her work has been published in the international magazine, Mosaic Art Now and in North Shore Magazine. She teaches classes in her Rockport,MA studio.

Elizabeth (Beth) Thompson, Hudson, MA

Ken VanCor, Barnstable, MA

Retired high school teacher. I began stained glass in the mid 1970’s and about 5 years ago I took my first mosaic class. Love at first nip! I go from stained glass to mosaics as the mood dictates but mosaics are becoming my first choice. Eager to learn all I can.

Karin Vander Schaaf, Watertown, MA

I discovered mosaic art in 2015 through a class at Mosaic Oasis. I’m now a devoted hobbyist and have been honing my skills over the past few years. I enjoy learning from the rich community of artists in New England, by going on tours, taking classes and attending presentations.  In my own work I like to make useable items and unique gifts.  I served as the Secretary of NEMS from 2019-2020, and in 2021 became its President.


Cindy Stanton, Moultonborough, NH
Cindy is a retired academic who started working in mosaics just a few years ago by taking a hammer to some dinner plates. A couple of weekend courses later and the purchase of some appropriate tools, and she had found a new passion.  Cindy most enjoys working with mixed materials and always incorporates plates into her work.  “I love looking at a mosaic image and thinking about the meals that were eaten on those plates, holiday meals, meals after a graduation, a birth, a funeral, and all those nightly meals that make up a childhood.”

Nikki Sullivan, Bedford, NH

Nikki has been creating mosaics for 11 years.  She uses a variety of materials such as stone, tile, glass, wood and metal in her fine art.  She also designs unique mosaic jewelry and belt buckles for fun.  She has exhibited in various Boston area venues, Cape Cod, Mystic CT, North Eastern CT, New Hampshire and Charlotte NC.  Nikki is also a member of SAMA, The League of NH Craftsmen, and The Craftworkers’ Guild of Bedford.



Lisa Tsiopras, Bow, NH

My name is Lisa Tsiopras. I live in Bow, New Hampshire, and I make mosaics. I’ve been creating art since I was old enough to hold a crayon – it’s not optional for me. I’m most interested in portraiture and realism, but I also dive into the abstract. My favorite material to create with is glass. Glass is light made solid, and it is magic for me. I recently started a mosaic business in my home called Magnolia Mosaics.



Instagram: @magnoliamosaic


Anabella Wewer Warren, RI/Macungie PA
A graphic designer by profession, Anabella is also an internationally exhibited mosaic artist and metalsmith. After falling in love with mosaics as fine art during a chance encounter near the Vatican in 2004, she took a couple of workshops in the United States, but quickly made the decision to mainly study in Italy. She has studied with Luciana Notturni (Ravenna technique), Arianna Gallo and Luca Barberini (micro-mosaics in stone) in Ravenna; Maestro Carlo Meloni (Rome) at Orsoni Smalti Veneziani (filati/micro-mosaic); Valeria Manzo, Dagmar Friedrich and Laura Carraro at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, Spillimbergo; Verdiano Marzi (Corsica/France); Dugald MacInnes (Scotland); Rachel Sager, Carol Shelkin and Gina Hubler (Pennsylvania); Matteo Randi (Ravenna/Virginia), and Dino Maccini (Piacenza), completing her studies with Marco Santi (Ravenna), Rosanna Fattorini (Ravenna) and Beatrice Serre (France). Her native languages are Spanish and Portuguese, and she also speaks English and Italian and is often the translator and assistant for Giulio Menossi and Dino Maccini on their trips to the US. Anabella is part of the faculty at Mosaic Arts, where her course on Andamento in Modern Mosaics provides students an online version of her live course.


Mary Jo Campbell, Cranston, RI

Karen Giarrusso, East Greenwich, RI
Karen is a mosaic artist, wife, and mom who loves making mosaics with beads, stones, glass, millifiori, smalti, and small items. She loves color and her work is usually very bright and cheerful, and will always have rhinestone, mirror glass, and stones mixed in the mosaic.   401-255-5717  155 Lenihan Lane, East Greenwich, RI 02818

Leontine “Ouiji” Morris, Pawtucket, RI

Jess Regelson, Providence, RI

Jess has been making mosaics professionally since 1998. As a member of the artists’ roster with the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, she has created over 30 mosaic murals with schoolchildren throughout the state of Rhode Island. In addition, she produces private commissions, public art work, and mosaic art which is exhibited and sold in local galleries. Recent commissions have been installed in Colorado, Michigan, and North Carolina. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and works from her studio in nearby Pawtucket.  401-556-8608




Maggie Neily, Windsor, VT
Maggie sees beauty everywhere in life. It is all tied together with bands of beautiful ribbons, stained with wine, and covered with chocolate. Ethnicity and diversity bring to her pallet all she learns. When not creating, Maggie spends time on Lake Champlain with family and friends.




Dotti Stone, Bedford, VA
Dotti Stone creates fine art mosaics in her studio at Bower Center for the Arts in Bedford VA where, since 2009, she has taught a variety of mosaics classes and is the exhibits manager. In 2015, she organized Blue Ridge Mosaic Artists, a group that plans periodic group exhibits and completed several community projects. Her recent work includes a series of 23 mosaics depicting the despair and destruction of Hurricane Katrina and resulted in a book, Katrina … in its wake, with poems composed by her art collaborator, Barry Koplen, for each mosaic.