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Mosaic Collaborative Project: A Team Approach to Creating a Diptych

NEMS members teamed up with other mosaic artist to create two original mosaics. Each person started work on a piece and completed one half of the mosaic. Then they swapped mosaics with the other person on their team. Your teammate then finished the mosaic you started. The challenge for the second person is to decide whether to continue and compliment the style of the first mosaicist, or contrast. This is an interesting way to work as it disrupts your usual flow and you have to respond to what is there. You get to keep the mosaic you started.  Many thanks to BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic) and to Marian Shapiro for coming up with this idea!


Size of Substrate: We recommend smaller substrates i.e. 8×8 or 8×10 or 10X10. However, each person on the team can determine the substrate size he/she uses.

  • Creative Concept/Inspiration: Teammates may talk about the creative design, theme and style to determine if they should be similar or different.
  • Substrate & Materials: Artists can use whatever substrate and materials they wish. Substrate materials could include: Wedi, Hydroban, MDF and more.
  • Method – The Artist can choose which ever method he/she wants to use. For example, you can use the direct method with thinset, or an indirect method with Weldbond. You can use multiple methods in each mosaic.
  • Only 2D mosaics will be accepted.
  • Items can be for sale or NFS.

Below are the entries from the project and the names of the participants

Angel Cacciola & Jane Snedeker


Jane Snedeker & Angel Cacciola


Roberta Tobey Gertz & Linda Biggers


Linda Biggers & Roberta Tobey Gertz


Richard Youngstrom & Audrey Markoff


Audrey Markoff & Richard Youngstrom


Beth Klingher & Laurie Frazer


Beth Klingher & Jane Chaskey


Laurie Frazer, Beth Klingher & Jane Chaskey


Linda Cundiff & Betsy Rodman


Betsy Rodman & Linda Cundiff


Nikki Sullivan & Deb Aldo


Deb Aldo & Nikki Sullivan


Ann Collins & Susan Altman


Elizabeth Martinez & Cynthia Fisher


Cynthia Fisher & Elizabeth Martinez


Amy Lou Marks & Suzanne Owayda


Suzanne Owayda & Amy Lou Marks


Su Bailey & Lauren Mehrberg


Lauren Mehrberg & Su Bailey


Candace Jackman & Suska Matsik



Suska Matsik &  Candace Jackman



Crystal D’Abbraccio &  Cecilia Kremer



Cecilia Kremer & Crystal D’Abbraccio



Maggie Neilly, Jeanne Bragdon &  Carrie Fradkin



Jeanne Bragdon, Maggie Neilly &  Carrie Fradkin



Carrie Fradkin, Maggie Neilly & Jeanne Bragdon



Cathleen Newsham & Michael Ferreira