Mosaic stones in memory of Karen Edlund

Sign, by Emily Bhargava

Karen Edlund, a founding board member of the New England Mosaic Society, was a powerhouse in the world of public health and reproductive health, community organizing and community building. She meant so much to so many people. To me she was a friend, neighbor and mentor. Since Karen’s passing last November, her husband Phil and I thought about ways to create a collaborative mosaic in her memory. With the help of many NEMS members, we have turned Irving street in Somerville, where Karen lived for decades, into a mosaic path, with colorful mosaic stones and pavers made in Karen’s memory placed at the bases of the city trees and on the edges of lawns and gardens all along the street.We ended up with 32 colorful and meaningful stones of all sizes and shapes. In front of Karen’s house at #10 Irving Street, Phil has hung laminated copies of the mosaic map that we made to indicate where each of the stones is placed and to share the names of the many artists who contributed. Phil has been walking friends and neighbors down the street for months, stopping at my house to say hello when I’m outside. Strangers have stopped me on the street to exclaim and ask about the mosaics, and children use the street like a mosaic treasure hunt. The memorial has exceeded my expectations, creating something that’s meaningful and beautiful that can be enjoyed by anyone who walks down the street. Thank you to everyone who contributed your art and your spirit. I hope that each of you will find time in the spring to visit Irving Street to see a small part of what Karen’s life inspired.

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The Mosaic Stones and Their Creators:

In Memory, Cassie Doyon

Inlaid flower, Pam Stratton

Woman, Roberta Tobey Gertz

Heart With Butterflies, Cheryl Cohen

Green/Blue Stone, Lauren Mehrberg

Into The Light, Lee Berman

Ribbon, Candace Jackman

Uterus, Emily Bhargava

Orange Ankh, Angel Cacciola

Turtle, by MaryBeth Barker

Shard Flower, Martha Friend

Turquoise & Blue Stone, Ruth Farris

Dragonfly, Glynda Benham

Flowers, Amy Marks

Pink Heart, Corrine McKeown

Dragonfly, Linda Cundiff

Sun, Maggie Neilly

Circle with Bluebird, Betsy Rodman

Bird, Sky, Sun, Kim Alexander

Love, Crystal D’Abraccio

Logo, Suzanne Owayda

Love Rainbow, Ronni Olitsky

Color Wheel, Karin VanDer Schaff

Peace Sign, Anne Kelly-Contini

Red Square, Carrie Fradkin

Square, Carrie Fradkin

Butterflies, Billie Klagraefe

Fused Glass Heart, Su Bailey

Meteor, Carol  Bershad

Butterfly Heart, Judy Bohn


Heart Sculpture Workshop

By Cassie Doyon
On June 15, I taught an informal workshop on mosaic sculpture to NEMS members participating in the upcoming Field of Hearts-Art in the Orchard Exhibit, organized by Laurie Frazer and taking place in Northampton MA.  The workshop took place in a classroom space near my studio in Lawrence MA.  With my instruction, members worked on individual forms of heart shapes using a hot foam knife, foam adhesive and nails on styrofoam.
Each member created a hole in the bottom of their heart forms to insert and adhere a pvc pipe in order to properly mount their finished hearts to its metal base.  Members fine tuned their styrofoam substrates with rasps, then wrapped them in fiberglass mesh.  After the styrofoam was wrapped and secured, members applied a slurry of concrete to their forms, allowed the slurry to dry, then applied a thicker layer of concrete on top of the slurry.  Another layer of fiberglass mesh was placed over the concrete and the process was repeated with another layer of slurry and thicker concrete.  The workshop ran from 10 am till 5 pm.  Some members were able to experience a Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant for lunch nearby.  I shared my successful and not so successful experiences with mosaic sculpture and a fun time was had by all.