Our annual meeting was held on 11/4/18  at  Patterson Creations in Attleboro MA.  Thanks to those who were able to make it and  a special Thanks to all who volunteered their time to make the event a fun educational day! 

Michael  Ferriera started off the meeting with the business news,  and from there we went into our presentations.  Cindy Fisher,  Pam Stratton and Nikki Sullivan discussed the process they used for jurying the Somerville show.   From there,  we heard Anabella Wewer’s talk about What is Not Andamento, then we wrapped up presentations with Ouiji Morris and Michael Ferriera talking about Art Activism.  All the talks were interesting and informative. 

After a break we moved on to demonstrations.  Laurie Frazier brought a piece of art and a video on her installation and talked about how she made it.  Cathleen Newsham did a demo with a Taurus ring saw and Anabella Wewer did a demo of cutting various materials with Hammer and Hardie.  We did a material swap and had time to view various artwork brought by members for display. 

It was a full day that ended with some very happy raffle winners!  Carrie Fradkin won the Sherri Warner Hunter workshop gift certificate along with about $300.00 from the 50/50 raffle, Ouiji Morris was the winner of the SAMA Registration or Gift Card to Wits End (she chose the Wits End Gift Card).  In addition,  Patterson Creations donated 2 bottles of wine to raffle, congratulations to to Cecelia Kramer and Ruth Faris as the winners. 

The Executive Team wants to once again thank everyone who came and helped out, it was a successful day and we could not have done it without you all!  We are looking forward to planning an even better meeting for next year!

Cynthia Fisher, Nikki Sullivan and Pam Stratton

Anabella Wewer demonstrating Hammer and Hardie

Amy Marks and Carrie Fradkin

Laurie Frazier, “How I Made it”

Amy Marks and Michael Ferreira drawing the winner of the Raffle

Ouiji Morris and Jess Regalson

Karin Vander Schaaf, Terry Bromfield, Beth Goulet, Michael Ferriera